Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Coincidences? I think yes.

Hello, it's me!

I found this in the draft pile, edited it a bit and finally publishing it. The first part can be found, posted on the 28th of October 2016. Enjoy!

It's time for part 2 of "All grown up. Or is it so?", now known as "Two-thirds of a French diet".

After smoking a couple and ordering another glass of Irish whiskey on the rocks, he sat back down and kept on keeping on. Oh booy, did the whiskey help. He was finally fully enjoying the things he had been missing in life. Smoking, whiskey, the silence, the peace. He felt good.

And then, an unexpected(well, not really) guest walked into the bar. He had forgotten that they were supposed to meet there. They sat down, and he offered her a drink. "Nope, I'm behind the wheel today. Still have some drinking to do later on." Did she do the drinking later part? Yes. Did it go according to her initial plan? Well, maybe, but probably not. After about 90 minutes of just finally being able to talk to someone, a question emerged. "How much time do you have before you need to go?" -"Well, I kind of feel like staying here." - "Let's get some wine and go to your place, it's empty, right? I really don't want to go home tonight." - "But, but, I'll be a terrible person if I cancel now..." - "There's nothing wrong with doing what you want the most. Come on, we can only buy wine for another 20 minutes!"

So they got out of the bar and rushed to the car, which was about a block away. In a matter of 13 minutes, they managed to get to a supermarket, find a parking spot on the curb, get in, get wine, get food, get out and have a smoke before calmly driving to the designated party space for the night. The soundtrack of the night was old. Old, but gold. 

The computer on the table was blasting Poison by Alice Cooper. It was 11:30 PM. They were about to run out of wine. They both knew at that point that they should've bought two bottles. Oh, well. They looked around the apartment for something to quench their thirst. Unfortunately, the cheap, everyday drinking wine reserves were out. "What's the status?" - "Well, we could drink this one, but then we need to fly to Israel tomorrow and get a new one."  - "Easy, what time is the flight?" They both chuckled. After some extensive digging, she managed to find a bottle of vodka, not the most expensive stuff. But it had 3 pickled jalapeno peppers inside. They decided to live a little. The vodka burned, but one thing's for sure, the peppers killed the taste of cheap vodka. And what more can you ask for, really? It's 2 AM and you need a drink, I don't believe there's any room for complaints here. 

Morning. No headache, He's awake after just 5 hours of sleep. Ok. Whatever. She was still knocked out. He browsed Facebook for a while. A pinch of sorrow hit him again. Yet he was accustomed to it. What he really needed was to get out of bed, have a coffee and a cigarette. He decided not to wake her up until coffee was ready and cigarettes were rolled. He walked into her bedroom, quietly inviting her to wake up, put a cup of coffee underneath her nose. That awakened her. "Come on, get out of bed, it's noon." - "Coffee and cigarettes? I'm up!"

It was noon, and the only thing that seemed reasonable at that point was cigarettes and coffee. The sun was high, and they settled for a stereotypically French breakfast.  "This is almost a French diet, isn't it?" They both laughed. "Indeed it is. This is fun!" she said as she took a sip of the lukewarm coffee. She thought to herself whether this was a sign of things to come.

After this breakfast of French champions (of bohemian lifestyle), they agreed that another bottle of wine and lunch were very much needed. "I'll be able to drive tonight, right?" - "Of course, come on. Take it easy and just go with the flow." They went to the store, and bought a single bottle of wine, because, well, they were two responsible adults who were going to make and have lunch together and then go on with their daily business. Right? Wrong. A single bottle was a mistake. Of course, it wasn't enough.  The food was good though. They both channeled their inner chefs and made the most appetizing wok known to man. At least for them, at that time and that place, for sure.

After finishing that bottle of wine, enjoying another pair of cigarettes, still the same great music and the idleness of the moment, they figured they needed dessert. And more wine, obviously. So they went to the smaller, local supermarket. Luckily, there was both chocolate cake and Riesling at great prices. This time they didn't make the mistake of buying just one bottle of wine. This time they bought two. Although the second one was initially meant for something else. He had to be somewhere. So he figured he'd bring some nice wine since he knew he was going to be late anyway. Funny thing is, the wine bottle never reached it's designated destination, just like the consumer who bought it. 

The chocolate cake melted on your tongue, and in combination with the sweet, yet pleasantly sour flavour of the wine, ahh, dessert of kings, really economical and low-maintenance kings, more commonly known as university students. After this super nutritious meal, they both engaged into reminiscing about the past. This conversation only increased the already existing tension in the room. The stories shared were quite private, well, at least before they told them to each other they were. Soon they realized reality is much better. The past is only better in movies or on TV. So they decided to look at some past, in the form of Mad Men. And so they did.  

The past is something you can't control, and that's why you control and settle your present. Your reality. And that's what makes the saying "There's no time like the present" truly accurate. And even though they both had made plans for that night, outside of what they had gotten themselves into, that was the past. They both felt this was the time to free themselves of the past. If this coincidence of a weekend wasn't a sign of things to change, then I honestly don't know what could be. They looked each other in the eyes. Their hands had somehow become one, he leaned his head towards hers. 

To be continued.

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