Saturday, July 15, 2017

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave

The sky was brightening up by the minute. He was strolling down the street. He had reached his destination. You can check out anytime, a scantily clad, undoubtedly stoned girl in a flower dress told him, as she handed him a pair of keys. He decided to head to the hotel bar for a night cap. He suddenly saw an unexpected crowd sitting by the bar there. They exchanged pleasantries, sipping on bourbon and gin. Once the night seemed to be capped, she approached him. "Fancy seeing you here," he smirked, as he exhaled another fume. "It's been a while, hasn't it?" she mysteriously smiled. "Let's go for a walk," she insisted. He got up, slightly wobbled by one too many night caps, dazed and confused by why she would want to take a walk with him. The four of them strolled around the sleazy, barely inhabited hotel halls. Such a lovely place, such a lovely face. At one point they all entered his room. It was a big, two room suite. The diabolical contradiction between the barely recognizable flower wallpaper, which had surely seen a lot and the perfectly made bed with snow white sheets. This was the end point, or so he thought, He was tired, so he got in the bed. "I need some sleep, good night, people." They left the room and he turned onto one side. Then, an unexpected turn of events occurred. Two of their companions wandered off, into the labyrinth of halls outside and she was all of a sudden next to him. Her hair magnificently laying over her bare back. He suddenly remembered many moments from the past. This was familiar, yet somehow impossible.

She leaned over and whispered into his ear: "I've missed you..." He was even more confused. He was drunk, his breath smelling like cheap cigarettes and bourbon. All of the things she hated, were overwhelmingly present. She laid on top of him and kissed his neck. He didn't know how he felt. I guess this was what had been at the back of his mind this whole time. The idea of this had haunted him for a good while. And now, it suddenly was happening. He succumbed to his natural instincts and leaned over to kiss her. Their bodies connected in a dirty dance, which was passionate, spontaneous and unexpected. All of a sudden, he caught his companions with the corner of his eye, peeking through the opening in the door. One of them whispered, loudly enough so he could be heard: "Leave these two alone. I had a feeling this might happen." She didn't even notice. She was way past the point of caring. The whole situation was bizarre, he thought to himself. Her, this place and this situation was what he had wanted, or was it? His semi-conscious mind decided to ask a silly question at this point. "Is this really what you want?" She didn't answer or say nothing, as her face disappeared behind the bed sheet. This really was something else. "I'm going to hell for this, but who cares, right?", he tried to joke but immediately was overwhelmed by his senses. He was in the paradise part of hell, whatever that meant. As her gorgeous body emerged from underneath the bed sheet and laid next to him, he decided to take the initiative. They spent the whole night in ecstatic emotions and sensational feelings. She had finally fallen asleep, her arms wrapped around his chest. He reached to the night stand and lit a smoke. His brain had turned into pudding. He did not know what to think or what had happened. This all seemed so unreal, almost like a dream...

The sound of the alarm slowly crept in. He opened his eyes. He was laying in his bed, alone. He couldn't comprehend it for the first couple of seconds. It was only just a dream. He was still in his bed, still alone like he had been for a good while now. His brain was playing tricks on him. He thought to himself, why this? The answer he didn't know, but I guess this is what your brain does to you in this state. Time to move on.

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